Being Cybersmart

I was just reading a post by Michael about Cyber Safety. This an issue that can be easily forgotten about when teaching. The idea of cyber safety got me thinking about bullying and cyberbullying. My placement was in a year 7 class and even though they all seemed sweet and innocent in the class room as soon as they got out into the playground I saw their attitudes change dramatically. When children are out on the playground it is nearly impossible for teachers to monitor their behaviour. This is usually when bullying occurs. So it makes sense that when students are on the internet it is easy for them to bully as it is harder for adults to monitor their actions. As teachers I believe it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of the students when using the net this also means educating students about cyberbullying and the negative impacts it can have. 




Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

So, I absolutely love having an interactive whiteboard in the classroom! Now that I know how to use it that is. So far I have used it in every lesson! I love using the timer and the fact that you can put stimulus on it and then write all over it with the interactive pen! When I first used one in a grade three class I wasn’t really into, purely because the teacher had no idea how to use it. Now I can say I am confident with incorporating an IWB into my learning experiences!



First week of Placement

I have just finished day three of my placement. I am in a year seven classroom with 25 students and I just love it! At first I was terrified to be teaching grade 7’s however after a few lessons teaching I’ve realised I quite enjoy this grade. The classroom has an IWB which I am slowly mastering. It’s so great to have one to use, I hardly ever use the blackboard! I’ve also been using C2C distant education teaching sequences when teaching my lessons. At first when I found out my teacher used C2C I was reluctant to teach. This might have something to do with the fact that all I have heard about it is negative feedback. However after using it myself, I have changed my attitude towards it. I still write up a lesson plan and read through the teaching sequence thoroughly and cull any unnecessary information before I start. However, I must say it’s nice to have something to give you a little extra direction, rather than just the curriculum. Anyway need to get ready for tomorrow 🙂

It’s not a substitute

I was just reading through a fellow students blog and found one that interested me about ICT not being a substitute for pen and paper. I too was really good a chucking ICT in well jsut because the task sheet requires me to. I never really thought about what the point of including ICT into the lesson was, just that I was doing it so it must be right! This subject has really helped me to understand how to effectively create ICT rich learning experiences and guess what? I have learnt it via using ICT! Crazy, I know. I now understand that we can use it to store, gather, research, collaborate, create, communicate, evaluate and the list just keeps going on. I understand how it helps students to engage with the learning experience and to motivate them to learn. It gets them using the tools they will be using when they are in the workforce and it caters to the needs to a 21st century learner. It also helps cater to different learning styles, well really all three! so really it’s amazing let’s be honest and as long as it is done right it can be hugely successful!



Seems like everybody is using the 5E’s!

I was reading Amy’s blog about another student who has blogged about the 5E’s framework in Assignment 2. The Science subject where I first learnt about the framework was one I will always remember. The teacher must have had a good pedagogical approach because I enjoyed the Tutes and managed to retain the information! When this assignment arose the first subject that popped into my head was Science so the 5E’s framework just seemed right. It’s nice to see other people are using the framework because it gives me confidence that I am on the right track! Always a good feeling on due day!



Always cons

I feel like every article I read about using technology in the classroom has its cons. I’ll be reading an article to find reasons to support my arguments and it seems like a great supporting article then BAM a whole chunk of information about the con’s of using it! This article in particular has my head going round in circles. As you read it you get the feeling it’s positive yet there is no bias, then you read on and you begin to wonder how this article is supporting the topic at all? The title and introduction are all about effective ways of teaching the middle years using ICT, but I feel like it contradicts itself? Maybe it’s just a poor article or maybe I am just over analysing. This whole ICT in the classroom fascinates me and really gets my brain working however it can also be very daunting and confusing.