First week of Placement

I have just finished day three of my placement. I am in a year seven classroom with 25 students and I just love it! At first I was terrified to be teaching grade 7’s however after a few lessons teaching I’ve realised I quite enjoy this grade. The classroom has an IWB which I am slowly mastering. It’s so great to have one to use, I hardly ever use the blackboard! I’ve also been using C2C distant education teaching sequences when teaching my lessons. At first when I found out my teacher used C2C I was reluctant to teach. This might have something to do with the fact that all I have heard about it is negative feedback. However after using it myself, I have changed my attitude towards it. I still write up a lesson plan and read through the teaching sequence thoroughly and cull any unnecessary information before I start. However, I must say it’s nice to have something to give you a little extra direction, rather than just the curriculum. Anyway need to get ready for tomorrow 🙂


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