It’s not a substitute

I was just reading through a fellow students blog and found one that interested me about ICT not being a substitute for pen and paper. I too was really good a chucking ICT in well jsut because the task sheet requires me to. I never really thought about what the point of including ICT into the lesson was, just that I was doing it so it must be right! This subject has really helped me to understand how to effectively create ICT rich learning experiences and guess what? I have learnt it via using ICT! Crazy, I know. I now understand that we can use it to store, gather, research, collaborate, create, communicate, evaluate and the list just keeps going on. I understand how it helps students to engage with the learning experience and to motivate them to learn. It gets them using the tools they will be using when they are in the workforce and it caters to the needs to a 21st century learner. It also helps cater to different learning styles, well really all three! so really it’s amazing let’s be honest and as long as it is done right it can be hugely successful!




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