Some keep up some fall behind…

I was reading through some blogs about the Easter break and came across this one titled “no rest for the wicked”. Assignment one was done and dusted and now we are straight into assignment two, as well as preparing for a quiz I have this weekend for another subject. As I have been stressing about completing my assignments on time I started to think about how more time consuming it would be if we had to write all of our assignments on paper! When my dad was here a few weeks ago he was writing out a whole assignment for TAFE on paper!!! I thought “this man is mad”. I asked him why on earth would he not just type it up? His reply was simple “it would take too long”. WHAT?? I said. Then he explained that for him to type it would be double as long as if he were to write it! My mum on the other hand can touch type and much prefers the computer and they are the same age? Funny how some people keep up with times and some, well simply fall behind…. but do these people who ‘fall behind” see it that way?


Using ICT to help boys with Literacy learning

I just finished an assignment for my literacy subject. We had to read a bunch of articles and then think of a topic to write and essay about. Automatically I was draw to the theme of using ICT’s in the classroom. As I kept reading and researching into using ICT in literacy learning I then stumbled across the topic of boys and literacy. Did you know boys score lower on high stkae literacy tests than girls?

After thinking about this fact for a while and after much research, I came up with a thesis built around the idea of  ICT’s enhancing boys literacy learning. Boys prefer using digital devices in their spare time to reading books, so it only seemed right to incorporate it into literacy learning to help boys engage.

This reading was were I got my initial information on about how boys learn. I then look into the benefits of using ICT’s in literacy and then BAM! It all came together.