Reflecting on the past three weeks

I’ve finally finished my three weeks of study and have just finished reading the “End of Module One” book.The book asks you too think about 

1) What is ICT & pedagogy

I have learnt that ICT stands for “Information and Communication Technologies” and that these technologies are used to access, present, manipulate, present and/or communicate information. When I first looked at this idea of ICT I automatically thought of computers, however it is much more than that. Video camera’s, phones, ipods, the internet, interactive online games, are all part of ICT’s and to be successful facilitators of ICT we must use them to access, present, manipulate and so forth. 

The possibilities are endless with the ICT and pedagogy. Students are able to communicate with other students from around the world.  They have access to information instantly. When using ICT in our pedagogical approach to teaching a subject, students are motivate to learn as ICT excites them and they are familiar with it and fast learners in it. This also links in to another question of why we should use ICT in the classroom. The world is evolving and technology is having an enormous part. If we don’t use ICT in our pedagogy, we are not preparing our students for the future. No matter if we like it or not, technology will be the way of the future; it is the way of the future and if we hide behind our ignorance we are negatively impacting our students.




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