Scared of Technology or just scared of the unknown?

I’ve just been reading another student’s Blog titled “Why are some people scared of new Technology”? This has got me thinking about whether it is the Technology we are scared of it because we have no idea how to use it! As teachers is we are asked to use an interactive whiteboard to teach a lesson about algebra and we have NEVER used an interactive whiteboard before, this is probably going to scare most people. If we are then asked to teach the 8 times tables but we have no idea how to do them ourselves this is going to scare us  right? (Hopefully all teachers will know their 8 times tables but hey I’m not judging). So is it Technology we are scared of or are we just scared of what we don’t know?

I was doing a Google search on why people might be scared of technology and randomly a site about Google Glass came up. O.K so when I first read about it I thought WOW this is cool!!!! Not a small bit of me was scared, I then watched this video which made me even more excited! Then I got scared. What negative effects could these glasses have? I thought people with camera’s in their phones was bad enough. Now you can document every moment with your glasses. Will we forget how to remember moments on our own one day? Will nothing be private any more? Oh goodness am I scared of technology?



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