Confusing Connectivism


This whole business about “Connectivism” is really confusing me! So I went out on my own and got on good old Google. I found a website that I had a read of and still found myself completing confused. I then got on Wikiversity, a site I never knew existed and found out that in short Connectivism is a learning theory

 “which emphasises the importance and role of networks and connections between people (and things?) as preminent (central) to the learning process” 

O.K so maybe I’m starting to understand this a little more but I don’t think I could explain to someone else.

Then I found this little gem by Shawn Burke uploaded 2012.

It had some quotes that really helped me to understand

“Learning should not be based solely on what we know, but our ability to share that knowledge with each other”

                 George Siemens 

Hmmmmm so this links back into what I just said up there ^^^^^ I understand it however I couldn’t explain it. 

Now I feel like I could explain it and well really I am explaining through this post (maybe not in a straight forward kind of way)

So maybe connectivism is about sharing our knowledge to help us learn. This could be done through technology! Dah! Maybe by sharing this knowledge we can then see connections in what we are learning. Bit like a mind map I guess. Well that’s how I see it anyway.

Ok so it’s all starting to make sense now…….. I think



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