Why should we use ICT’s in the classroom?





During week 2 I was asked to fill out a concept map which you can find at the bottom of this post. This got me thinking about why we should use ICT’s in the classroom.  Using ICT’s in the classroom use to terrify me as I felt I did not have enough experience to incorporate into my teaching. This changed when I went on my second prac in a year 3 classroom where the classroom was equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard. This really interested me however scared me at the same time. During the second week the teacher asked me if I would like to attend a information lesson about Interactive Whiteboards and of course I jumped at the opportunity. After an in depth training session I thought I would give it go during one of the lessons and guess what? It was a HUGE success! The children loved the fact I was using the board during my teaching as their teacher had not used it other than a projector. Just by using it for a different purpose I automatically was helping the students to engage in their learning!! Using the whiteboard was a novelty for them, so not only were they engaged in what I was teaching but they were also having FUN. 

Here is a link with a bit more information on using Smartboards (Interactive Whiteboards) 





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