What’s a paper back book mum?

I was just reading a post by Amanda, a fellow student of mine, and she brought up the video we were required to watch on Study Desk titled “A magazine is an Ipad that does not work” and this got me thinking.

Can ICT’s have a detrimental effect on our children if we allow them to use them from such a young age?

This youtube clip was quite confronting for me as it demonstrates my fears of kids forgetting how to read a paperback book or use a pencil.

Over the years I have found myself thinking about this a lot and always find myself thinking about video games. We all know that kid who probably spends a little too much time playing them however is this a bad thing or is this a good thing?

Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D wrote and post about video games having both positive and negative effects on kids. This changed my view a little and is worth a read, however I still find myself wondering; should these be outside in the fresh air playing with other kids? Also, are these kids actually learning anything if the games aren’t educational? Sure they are no problem for when your kids want to have a little bit of fun, but should they be on them everyday? The biggest fear I have is if we introduce our kids at a young age to video games, and other ICT’s like the Ipad, are they going to ever appreciate a paperback book or are they going to read everything from their kindles?  I don’t want my children asking me “What’s a paperback book mum?” But hey, maybe I’m just old school?






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