If you don’t use it you loose it!

Today I have spent the day trying to catch up on some study for week 2. I have just finished watching David’s video on study desk and am feeling like I am FINALLY starting to get the hang of some of the ICT tools he has suggested. During the video a slide about SEEK, SENSE and SHARE came up. SEEK was what really got my attention.

“To be seeking is to be finding things out and keeping up to date”

Keeping up to date with technology is something that would have helped me with this subject and which will help me as a teacher. The more you practice new technologies and the more you know about them, the easier they will be to use and the easier it will be to teach others. Basically, If you don’t use it you loose it………

……and if you loose it you might find it hard to be a teacher ‘these days’. It can be hard for people to keep up to date but as Kelly Walsh said in her Blog

“Most people don’t like change very much, and that’s normal and quite understandable, but if you bury your head in the sand the world is going to pass you by” (Kelly Walsh 2014)

Not only is the world going to pass you by, your ability to be a successful facilitator of Technologies is going to be quite the challenge.


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