Introduction – Week 1

So I’m a bit behind with my blog posts however I have now caught up with my learning and have   introduced myself to a whole heap of new technologies that I have not used before! At the beginning of this course I started thinking about the type of technologies I was exposed to when I was in school. Primary school didn’t offer as much as it does now. During my last placement I quite enjoyed using the Interactive Whiteboard during my lessons. When I was at school we had an ‘old school’ projector which was now where near as fun as the IWB’s. I found the students automatically engaged when I would power up the IWB which is great when you are a pre-service teacher, well any teacher for that matter.

The assignment for the subject is different from anything I have done so far however this is always a good thing as it means I will be challenged and will hopefully come out with a whole new group of skills.

Anyway that’s all for now. Back to studying.


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