Assignment 1 completed!

The following webpage describes three main reason for using ICT’s in a year 3 classroom.

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Reflecting on the past three weeks

I’ve finally finished my three weeks of study and have just finished reading the “End of Module One” book.The book asks you too think about 

1) What is ICT & pedagogy

I have learnt that ICT stands for “Information and Communication Technologies” and that these technologies are used to access, present, manipulate, present and/or communicate information. When I first looked at this idea of ICT I automatically thought of computers, however it is much more than that. Video camera’s, phones, ipods, the internet, interactive online games, are all part of ICT’s and to be successful facilitators of ICT we must use them to access, present, manipulate and so forth. 

The possibilities are endless with the ICT and pedagogy. Students are able to communicate with other students from around the world.  They have access to information instantly. When using ICT in our pedagogical approach to teaching a subject, students are motivate to learn as ICT excites them and they are familiar with it and fast learners in it. This also links in to another question of why we should use ICT in the classroom. The world is evolving and technology is having an enormous part. If we don’t use ICT in our pedagogy, we are not preparing our students for the future. No matter if we like it or not, technology will be the way of the future; it is the way of the future and if we hide behind our ignorance we are negatively impacting our students.



Finding a Balance


ImageI was just reading a Blog post by another EDC3100 student titled “How much is too much”. the post asks questions about how much time should our children spend using social networks. This is something I find myself thinking about a lot, even though I don’t have children. When I was a child we spent majority of our play time outside. We loved exploring our couple of acres and would create scenarios in our minds to make exploring more interesting. This was called using our “imagination” something I worry the future generation may forget how to do!

This issue is something that is discussed quite frequently, so I did a bit of research and found an article that talks about finding a balance between playing outdoors and using technology.

This article is definitely worth a read as it does not show bias towards one or the other, however discusses the importance of both and the importance of balancing the two.

I am a strong believer of finding balance through our life, however sometimes this can be harder than it appears. 




I’m sitting here trying to get some serious study done and then all of a sudden my partner starts playing techno music ridiculously loud. “TURN THE MUSIC DOWN” I yell at him. Then we go on to have a 5 minute “discussion” about whether I should leave my study area or whether he should turn the music down. 

After much deliberation I think of a brilliant idea for him to listen to his Ipod. Problem Solved.

Once again good old technology has been a useful tool in solving our issues. Usually it’s Google settling arguments for us but this time it was the good old “Ipod” which really isn’t that old.  

Better get back to writing something a little more interesting than my current study situation.



Confusing Connectivism


This whole business about “Connectivism” is really confusing me! So I went out on my own and got on good old Google. I found a website that I had a read of and still found myself completing confused. I then got on Wikiversity, a site I never knew existed and found out that in short Connectivism is a learning theory

 “which emphasises the importance and role of networks and connections between people (and things?) as preminent (central) to the learning process” 

O.K so maybe I’m starting to understand this a little more but I don’t think I could explain to someone else.

Then I found this little gem by Shawn Burke uploaded 2012.

It had some quotes that really helped me to understand

“Learning should not be based solely on what we know, but our ability to share that knowledge with each other”

                 George Siemens 

Hmmmmm so this links back into what I just said up there ^^^^^ I understand it however I couldn’t explain it. 

Now I feel like I could explain it and well really I am explaining through this post (maybe not in a straight forward kind of way)

So maybe connectivism is about sharing our knowledge to help us learn. This could be done through technology! Dah! Maybe by sharing this knowledge we can then see connections in what we are learning. Bit like a mind map I guess. Well that’s how I see it anyway.

Ok so it’s all starting to make sense now…….. I think


Scared of Technology or just scared of the unknown?

I’ve just been reading another student’s Blog titled “Why are some people scared of new Technology”? This has got me thinking about whether it is the Technology we are scared of it because we have no idea how to use it! As teachers is we are asked to use an interactive whiteboard to teach a lesson about algebra and we have NEVER used an interactive whiteboard before, this is probably going to scare most people. If we are then asked to teach the 8 times tables but we have no idea how to do them ourselves this is going to scare us  right? (Hopefully all teachers will know their 8 times tables but hey I’m not judging). So is it Technology we are scared of or are we just scared of what we don’t know?

I was doing a Google search on why people might be scared of technology and randomly a site about Google Glass came up. O.K so when I first read about it I thought WOW this is cool!!!! Not a small bit of me was scared, I then watched this video which made me even more excited! Then I got scared. What negative effects could these glasses have? I thought people with camera’s in their phones was bad enough. Now you can document every moment with your glasses. Will we forget how to remember moments on our own one day? Will nothing be private any more? Oh goodness am I scared of technology?


Why should we use ICT’s in the classroom?





During week 2 I was asked to fill out a concept map which you can find at the bottom of this post. This got me thinking about why we should use ICT’s in the classroom.  Using ICT’s in the classroom use to terrify me as I felt I did not have enough experience to incorporate into my teaching. This changed when I went on my second prac in a year 3 classroom where the classroom was equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard. This really interested me however scared me at the same time. During the second week the teacher asked me if I would like to attend a information lesson about Interactive Whiteboards and of course I jumped at the opportunity. After an in depth training session I thought I would give it go during one of the lessons and guess what? It was a HUGE success! The children loved the fact I was using the board during my teaching as their teacher had not used it other than a projector. Just by using it for a different purpose I automatically was helping the students to engage in their learning!! Using the whiteboard was a novelty for them, so not only were they engaged in what I was teaching but they were also having FUN. 

Here is a link with a bit more information on using Smartboards (Interactive Whiteboards)